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The First Basic Attitude of Accountability

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Society thrives best when OWNERS prevail. An owner’s general perspective is “my life is my responsibility.”

Owners accept the responsibility to work, to make a living and a life, to accept credit where credit is due and blame where blame is due. They don’t wait for handouts, or ask for them, but rise to meet each day with opportunistic fortitude. Like the many entrepreneurs who have helped make America successful, owners operate out of the motivation that “we get out of life what we put into it.”

Though the rich often get lambasted, most rich people earn their riches through the blood, sweat and tears of responsible labor. Furthermore, most of the populace, who never amass great fortunes but who do manage to earn a respectable living, also approach life with an “I am responsible” attitude.

Basically, owners not only like opportunity – to work hard, to succeed, to be responsible citizens – they seek it, pursue it, and thrive on it.