Book Preface

Society plansEnterprising pioneers founded the city of Society in 1833. Idealists riding the wave of an expanding frontier, they initially set out to establish a distinctive model community based on key social fundamentals.

In 1993, the year of this account – eight generations after the original settlers entered a pristine valley, circled their wagons in an old oak grove, and spent several days mapping out their ambitions – the nation hungered to learn from their success.

And rightly so; while other communities meandered, declined, fell into disarray, or disintegrated amidst explosive growth, this unique mid-American city remained vibrant and strong.

Notably, this year marked an important turning point in the city’s history. Like a huge ship fashioned by skilled hands and then launched out to sea with great fanfare, so the grand projects slated for completion in the months chronicled herein were to help set sail the full potential of their flourishing enterprise.

Yet, as adventurers throughout history have discovered, one man with an ax can sink a ship.